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"Why is it so hard to find a reliable technology company that delivers results?"
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Answer? It shouldn't be. And more importantly, you are not alone in asking.

Are you looking for?

  • Solutions that produce results?
  • Affordable investments in technology?
  • Contracted work delivered on time and on budget?
  • Fewer headaches from software and hardware problems?
  • Creative solutions that make your organization standout from your competition?
  • No smoke and mirrors - just straightforward, easy-to-understand recommendations?
  • Someone you trust?

We understand and want to help, which is why with Emaxed:

  • You invest for results - we deliver.
  • You receive great customer service. PERIOD.
  • You receive service when you need it and how you need it.
  • You receive technological solutions that meet specific business needs..
  • You are working with a long established firm, with hundreds of projects under its belt.
  • You receive solutions that fit your business, not software that requires your business to fit the solution.

Back in 1998 Emaxed was created to combine fundamental business philosophies and theories, with cutting-edge technology. We combine creative approaches, solid plans and superior knowledge into one powerful package. As the captain of your business, you have too much to do and not enough time to get it all done! We are hear to help.

Please don't wait another minute - call us right now!
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”We are running a business too and we feel your pain. We often suffer through other technology ‘professionals’ and businesses with their poorly built, hard-to-use and understand products. That is why we built Emaxed on tried and true business practices from the start, beginning and ending with Rule #1: Provide great customer service.”

- Michael A Zielinski, CPA, CEO (Emaxed)